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bob游戏app手机下载:College Day | In Mingli, to understand, experience interesting disciplines, and explore scientific research interests.

On the afternoon of September 27, RUC College Day was successfully held. Mingli College jointly launched a collection of disciplines by various departments of science and engineering ; the College Innovation Laboratory invited the research team to hold a science and technology seminar, and the event was successfully held.

Mingli Qiqun Set

The curious and interesting collection of mingli is wonderfully carried out in the tenth space of the college. Gaoling College of Artificial Intelligence, School of Environment ( Environmental Science and Engineering ), Department of Chemistry, Department of Physics, School of Mathematics, School of Statistics and School of Information of the University of Science have carefully arranged booths and carried out rich and interesting subject demonstrations. In a joyful atmosphere, students experience the characteristics and charm of different disciplines, and expect students to maintain their enthusiasm for scientific knowledge and continue to explore and innovate.

Gaoling School of Artificial Intelligence

With the theme of 'AI into life', Gaoling School of Artificial Intelligence shows the model of machine dog and AI public rental housing mechanism.

School of Environment & Natural Resources

With the theme of 'environmental water' 'environmental protection bag home', the School of Environment & Natural Resources led students to experience PH measurement, conductivity measurement and bag DIY design.

Department of Chemistry

With the theme of 'chemical magic', Department of Chemistry showed students copper sulfate roses and led them to make lava bottles and weather bottles.

Department of Physics

With the theme of 'simple experimental display (fidelity)', Department of Physics carried out mechanical and optical experimental display.

School of Mathematics

With the theme of 'fun of mathematics', School of Mathematics brought students a variety of Sudoku, interesting mathematical problems, mathematical games and so on.

School of Statistics

School of Statistics took 'discovering the beauty of statistics' as the theme and invited students to experience interesting statistical games such as Sudoku, Hanoi Tower and Dalton Dingban.

School of Infomation

With the theme of 'true · computer network experiment', School of Infomation led everyone to practice and learn network cable production.

Science and Technology Innovation Activities of Mingli College Innovation Laboratory

The AI4Security scientific research and innovation research team of the Mingli College Innovation Laboratory and the AI4Math scientific research and innovation research team brought science and technology seminars to the students respectively.

Artificial Intelligence and Information Security

Taking 'artificial intelligence and information security' as the theme, Mr. You Wei, Associate Professor of School of Information and his research team introduced the main research contents of information security and the application of artificial intelligence technology in the field of information security. By introducing the background and phased progress of a research project using artificial intelligence technology to mine software vulnerabilities, they showed the prospects of AI4 Security research direction to the students, and shared with the students the experience and experience of carrying out scientific research projects from the stages of topic selection, scheme design, feasibility verification, system implementation and experimental evaluation.

Teachers and students introduced the information security major and the whole process of talent training, and encouraged everyone to use the Mingli College Freshman Seminar Platform to actively pay attention to and understand and dare to try.

The students were enthusiastic. After the lecture, they actively communicated with the members of the AI4 Security laboratory, showing their interest in scientific research and exploration.

Mathematics Learning and Lean Initial Experience

Associate Professor Wang Shanwen and his research team in the School of Mathematics carried out a lecture entitled 'Mathematics Learning and Lean Initial Experience'. First of all, teacher Wang Shanwen throws Kepler 's conjecture and Hales 's anecdotes, which leads to the development process of mathematics from mechanization to digitization and then to intelligence.

Mr. Wang introduced the history of mathematical formalization. In particular, he explained that the mathematical community was in a cold period for mathematical formalization around 2000, so that some of the landmark non-trivial theorem formal proofs that appeared at this stage did not cause the mathematical community to respond enthusiastically to mathematical formalization. However, with the advancement of time, especially after 2017, the ability of the interactive proof assistant software Lean to handle complex proofs of complex concepts has been verified, and mathematical formalization has been widely concerned by the mathematical community. With the development of mathematics library mathlib for Lean, more and more mathematical concepts are formalized, which makes the development of mathematical formalization more rapid. Teacher Wang 's research team members Yu Xintao and Lei Bichang led the students to carry out the natural number game, and described how to use and learn the interactive proof software Lean, so that the students can enjoy the fun of mathematical formalization in one game after another.