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bob游戏app手机下载:Mingli assistant teaching group held "Final Battle-final Thematic Counseling" series of activities to answer all your questions emerged when reviewing for your final exams

In order to consolidate the foundation of the department courses, in the middle and late December, the first-year freshmen of the 2023 undergraduate class of Mingli College are about to enter the final examination of the first semester of the first semester. The College invited the assistants of the core courses of the department to form the Mingli Assistant Teaching Group, and launched a series of activities of "Mingli 's end-of-term tough battle-thematic counseling of the final examination". For three core courses of higher algebra I, program design I, and mathematical analysis I, two types of activities were carried out, "End-of-Term Restoration · Lectures" and "You Ask me to Answer · Answer Questions" to help students improve their review efficiency and solve difficult problems.

The teaching assistant group offered a total of 6 special lectures, providing 9 tutoring and answering questions, including 4 special lectures for the course of higher algebra I, providing 5 tutorials to answer questions,1 special lectures for the course The program design I , providing two tutorials to answer questions,1 special lectures for Mathematical Analysis I ,providing two tutorials to answer questions. The activity lasted 11 days, covering nearly 800 students.

End-of-Term Restoration · Lectures

Higher Algebra I

# Higher Algebra I  Normative Answer + UDP Hole Punching

Jia Chuanlong,master student 2021, Faculty of Mathematics

The main content of this class is the principle of drilling holes, the knowledge of rank inequality and the standard explanation of test questions. Firstly, the origin and proof of the principle of hole punching are introduced, and then two kinds of problems are solved by using the principle of hole punching. One is to use hole punching to calculate the determinant quickly, and the other is to use hole punching to prove the rank inequality. Then on this basis, six commonly used rank inequalities are summarized and proved. Finally, taking the common errors in the process of job correction as an example, the normative writing steps of four types of high-frequency problems are introduced. The four types of problems include n-th power calculation, sufficient and necessary condition class proof, A inverse solution, and n-order matrix ellipsis writing.

# Quadratic summary

Wu Niuniu,master student 2023, Faculty of Mathematics

The main content of this class is to help you review some related contents of quadratic forms, including the related concepts and theorems of quadratic forms, standard canonical forms and positive definite matrix contracts, and also explain some classic exercises in the book. Higher algebra I is a compulsory course for many majors. The content learned is completely a new knowledge point for students, and the quadratic form is the most abstract part of this semester. The difficulty of learning is high. This lecture is mainly to help students dredge knowledge points. The atmosphere of the lecture is active, the students are highly motivated to learn, listen attentively, and ask questions actively after class.

# Advanced Algebra I Knowledge Carding

Yao Xinhao,Graduates of Gaoling School of Artificial Intelligence 2020,doctoral student bob游戏app手机下载

This class mainly focuses on the knowledge points of advanced algebra I, including determinants, linear equations, vector groups, matrices and quadratic forms. By combing the basic concepts and knowledge points, students can further understand and connect the knowledge points learned in a semester, and better review the end of the preparation period. The lecture focuses on the application of determinant, such as the combination of expansion by row and column with linear equations, the thinking of linear relationship of non-homogeneous linear equations, common solution / same solution equation, rank relationship ( non ) equation of matrix, matrix block and other knowledge points.

# Higher algebra I error-prone explanation

Zhang Yaqi,master student 2022, Faculty of Mathematics

This class first reviews the error-prone points, scoring points and specifications of the mid-term examination, and then explains the error-prone points in the multiple-choice questions, fill-in questions and answer questions respectively, and reviews the determinant expansion items, homogeneous equations and non-homogeneous equations. The solution of the equations, the solution of the matrix, the elementary matrix and the elementary transformation, the positive definite form of the matrix and the equivalent form of the contract, the positive definite and negative definite of the quadratic form and other knowledge points, each error-prone question corresponds to the knowledge point, reminds the possible problems in the calculation and solution, and avoids ' stepping on the pit '. Finally, students are encouraged to calm down, pay attention to the foundation, review comprehensively, and help teachers, brothers and sisters answer questions at any time to escort students ' final sprint.

Program Design I

# Program specification + key knowledge

Han Fangshuo,master student 2022,information college

The final resumption lecture of program design I takes the key knowledge and program specification as the main line to help students sort out the key compulsory knowledge, emphasize the code writing specification, and summarize the reasonable examination strategy. In the key knowledge combing link, firstly, the various ways of input and output and the classic error reporting are introduced. Secondly, the selection skills of recursion and loop traversal are introduced. Especially in the implementation of recursion, we must pay attention to the changes of global variables and parameters, which is particularly important in the recursive backtracking problem. Then it introduces the common optimization of search, as well as the use of functions and pointers, common errors ; at the end of the lecture, the direction of the program Debug and the reasonable examination strategy are summarized, and the classic examples are selected for practical explanation.

Mathematical Analysis I

# Derivative function, mean value theorem knowledge points

Mei Binyan,master student 2022, Faculty of Mathematics

The final review lecture of mathematical analysis I is mainly divided into two parts, which are the summary of one-variable function differential calculus and median theorem review questions. In the differential part of one-variable function, the main contents are the derivation method of one-variable ( implicit ) function, differential mean value theorem, Taylor formula, proof of inequality, convex function, application of derivative ( extreme value, function drawing, etc. ), etc. In the summary part of the complex exercises of the mean value theorem, this paper introduces the five types of questions that are often tested. They are the use of the mean value theorem to prove the equality with ζ ( direct observation method, original function method or differential equation method ), the conclusion of the proof contains the algebraic formula of f ( ζ ) = 0, the comprehensive utilization of the relevant mean value theorem to prove the equality with ζ and η, the proof of identity, and the use of Taylor 's mean value theorem to prove the equality and inequality.

You Ask me to Answer · Answer Questions

This activity opens a question-and-answer session in the second floor of the Lide Building, and students can freely choose the time to ask questions to the teaching assistant. The atmosphere of on-site learning and communication was warm, and the students said they had benefited a lot.

Classmates have something to say

First of all, I am very happy to participate in the activities of the teaching assistant group held by the college to help my brother and sister prepare for the end of the war. In the process of giving lectures and communicating with my classmates, I have a deeper understanding of Gao Dai. In fact, at the beginning of the sharing, there was still some tension, after all, so many eyes straight hook staring. Slowly, from the loving eyes of the teachers and sisters, I gradually entered the state. Secondly, in the process of sharing and communication, I can clearly see the expression of many teachers and sisters from the doubt before sharing to the awakening and excitement after sharing, which makes me realize that my sharing is valuable. Finally, after the end of the sharing, many teachers and sisters came to the stage to chat with me. They said that they would come over to share with their teachers and sisters in the future, which made me, as a link of the baton, feel a kind of inheritance from my heart and moved me.

- Higher Algebra I Assistant Professor Jia Chuanlong

The content of the lecture is helpful to my study, and the predecessors who answered questions are also very patient and solved my doubts. On the whole, this coaching activity is very meaningful and helpful.

-Participate in Higher Algebra I and Programming I Lectures and Answers

The teacher sorted out the relevant content of the quadratic form and the content of the regular examination questions, so that I have a deeper understanding of the high generation !

-Participate in the lecture of higher algebra I

Very good, very good, help a lot, hope to carry out more ! Assistant teacher brothers and sisters hard !

-Participated in the lectures of Higher Algebra I and Mathematical Analysis I

Ming Li College and Science and Engineering Department co-ordinate the core curriculum resources of the department, escorting the end of the semester for all students. I hope that all students will not be burdened with hard work and return to full load, and achieve satisfactory results at the end of the semester !